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Emergency Response Dosimetry System (ERDS)


In partnership with the United States government, industry, and academic partners, GRT is developing the Emergency Response Dosimetry System (ERDS). ERDS is currently in the advanced stages of development and testing. ERDS has the potential to dramatically transform nuclear disaster preparedness and response, long-term radiation exposure research and monitoring, and modernize commercial radiation sterilization processes. 


What is ERDS?

ERDS is being developed to be a rapid, self-service, deployable, point-of-care identification tool that measures an individual’s absorbed cumulative dose of combined neutron/gamma irradiation of 2 +/- 0.5 Gy with high sensitivity and specificity. ERDS measurements provide critical and definitive information in support of public health sorting decisions during and after a nuclear disaster or radiation event. 


The ERDS platform’s fundamental capabilities are based on Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) readings of reference-grade alanine dosimetry material.  ERDS eliminates most limitations related to difficult-to-access in vivo organic material such as hair, teeth, and fingernails or variably present ex vivo materials such as buttons, cloth, and cell phone components.  

ERDS Components

Benefits of ERDS

  1. Significantly increase capacity and capability to rapidly sort affected personnel and populations by supporting medical screening, triage, diagnosis, and treatment care.

  2. Reassure those with minimal exposure and support evacuation decisions, personal protection actions, family reunification, and continuity of medical care.  

  3. Optimize utilization of medical resources and personnel by directing the efficient and effective administration of medical countermeasures and supportive care.  

  4. Immediate post-event measurements will support first responder and military readiness and resilience.  

  5. Significant cost and time savings versus the status quo by focusing testing/treating resources to those identified by ERDS as high need.   

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