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Global Resonance Technologies, LLC

Reducing radiation morbidity and mortality through technology. 

Who We Are

Global Resonance Technologies, LLC (GRT) is a privately held medical technology innovation and development company. GRT creates high-quality, effective, and affordable dosimetry technology and systems for nuclear disaster and radiation emergency preparedness and response efforts around the world. 

In partnership with the United States government, industry, and academic partners, GRT is developing the Emergency Response Dosimetry System (ERDS). ERDS is currently in the advanced stages of development and testing.


The primary application of the Emergency Response Dosimetry System (ERDS) is to rapidly sort first responders, military personnel, other high-risk workers, and survivors after a nuclear disaster or radiation incident. ERDS will also enable long-term radiation exposure research and monitoring and modernize industrial radiation sterilization processes. 

Our Specialties

The Issue

Due to the lack of individual-level, omnipresent testing technology, known or suspected population-scale radiation exposure is one of the most challenging emergency situations facing health and security planners and responders.


The ability to identify survivors at risk for Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) after ionizing radiation exposure is crucial to the prompt administration of lifesaving medical care and countermeasures. Equally important is the rapid identification of non- or minimally exposed survivors and personnel to support strategic response planning and the management of scarce resources.


The critical first steps after such an incident are the protection of first responders and efficient sorting by level of exposure. This requires physical dosimetry technology that is accurate, quick, and accessible for widespread deployment.


ERDS will fill this critical gap in responding to a catastrophic nuclear disaster or radiological event by providing an effective means of sorting patients at high risk for Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS). 

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